Waste Management Motivational Factors in Bayelsa State

By Benefit Onu, Trevor Price and Suresh S. Surendran.

Published by Change Management: An International Journal

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The solid waste management problem in Nigeria is enormous. Heaps of waste can be seen all over the country’s roadsides, in its bodies of water, and in other unoccupied places resulting in a series of health and environmental problems. This research evaluates possible waste management motivational factors in the state of Bayelsa. A semi-structured questionnaire was used to gather the primary data, which was distributed to households at the headquarters of the eight Local Government Areas (LGAs) of the state. The secondary data was based on a review of the existing literature. Content analysis was utilized for the secondary data, while SPSS was used to analyze the primary data. The results of this study show that waste separation, reuse, recycling, and composting are only performed by a handful of people in the state. Waste management in the state is marred by inadequate central waste collection points, poor city planning, inadequate funding, inadequate enlightenment, unfavorable attitude of the people toward waste management, absence of waste management facilities, inadequate enforcement of laws, absence of engineered landfills and the existence of illegal dumpsites around the state, and inadequately trained personnel. Understanding the problem in question affects the intentions and behavior of Bayelsa’s citizens in different ways, which further affects their action or inaction. The individual’s “assumption of responsibility” is paramount to their performance. Execution and implementation of effective waste collection services statewide could motivate citizens to dispose of their waste properly. Citizens’ behavior toward waste management could be determined by how well they know and understand the current management strategies, their gender and social class, the availability of current waste collection and disposal infrastructures, and existing policies and laws.

Keywords: Municipal Solid Waste, Waste Management in Bayelsa State, Waste Management Motivational Factors

Change Management: An International Journal, Volume 13, Issue 2, June 2014, pp.21-49. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Published online: June 13, 2014 (Article: Electronic (PDF File; 947.778KB)).

Benefit Onu

PhD Researcher, Faculty of Computing Engineering and Science, Department of Environmental Management, University of South Wales, Pontypridd, Pontypridd, Wales, UK

Dr. Trevor Price

Environmental Consultant

Dr. Suresh S. Surendran

Leader, Water and Environmental Engineering & Management Modules, Department of Engineering, Faculty of Computing Engineering and Scienc, University of South Wales