The Power of the Story: Can Knowledge Brokering Be Learned Through Biography?

By Roger Charles Cowell.

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Sharing professional knowledge and experiences through storytelling is a common activity among knowledge professionals. This article explores lessons learned from an evolving role.
The author discusses a more formal or structured use of biography as a teaching and learning approach, as an individual learning methodology, as a powerful way of promoting the role’s value to organisations and potentially part of a professional educational curriculum. for knowledge brokers.
The article comprises proposals to structure personal experiences and insights into biography, in formal and informal learning scenarios.
The central question, “Can knowledge brokering be learned through biography?”, is posed to stimulate dialogue, which underlies the essence of brokering knowledge.

Keywords: Knowledge Brokering, Storytelling, Narratives, Professional Knowledge, Biography, Auto-Ethnography, Workplace Learning and Teaching

International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management, Volume 10, Issue 1, pp.61-70. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 639.539KB).

Roger Charles Cowell

Knowledge Broker/Knowledge Manager, Centre for Innovation in Health Management, The University of Leeds, Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK

I work as as a knowledge broker in a higher education institution. To me, knowledge brokering is getting people to talk to one another, keeping them updated, and helping them communicate clearly in memorable ways. My role is driven by curiosity, and as part of this role, I scan and summarise research, new thinking and public policy. My background is in nursing, freelance healthcare writing and research, particularly the political and social context of healthcare. Additionally I have knowledge and experience in archival (historical) research (in New Zealand, Australia, U.K.), and anthropological fieldwork (in the Pacific Islands of Tonga and Fiji).


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