The study of the relation Between Emotional Intelligence and the Principal’s Decision: Making in Bojnord middle schools

By Baratali Monfaredi Raz.

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The purpose of this research is to explore the relationship between emotional intelligence and decision making styles for the middle school principals in Bojnord during the first part of 2008 school year. The main question of the research is that “Is there any relationship between emotional intelligence and decision making styles?” So, emotional intelligence as independent variable(predictor) and decision making styles as dependent variable(criterion) have been studied.The method of research is descriptive as well as correlation type.The statistical population are 1200 middle school teachers and 70 principals in Bojnord, 291 teachers and 59 principals of whom are randomly sampled using Kerjesy & Morgan table.Two questionaires (Shering and Decision making questionaires) are used to determine the emotional intelligence and decision making styles.The reliability is measured according to the attitudes of previous researches, practitioners and experts.Credibility is measured based on Kronbach’s Alpha coefficient.We perform descriptive analysis of data with SPSS Software.Data include: Statistical indexes (drafting the tables, amplitude, amplitude percentage, diagrams and graphs),Deductive statistics (one-sided variance analysis test, KHI2 test). The first hypothesis is confirmed with 95%reliability, indicating that there is a relationship between emotional intelligence and decision making styles. It is shown that there is a significant correlation among following parameters of emotional intelligence with 95% reliability: Self excitement, self control, social intelligence. There is not a significant relationship between two parameters(social skills and self awareness) and decision making style with 95% reliability.

Keywords: Emotional Intelligence, Authority’s Style, Consulting Style, Participative Style, Social Skills

International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management, Volume 10, Issue 1, pp.513-522. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 601.808KB).

Dr. Baratali Monfaredi Raz

Management, Bojnord, North Khorasan, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

PhD Philosophy of Education


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