Knowledge Value Life Cycle (KVLC): Determining Parameters of Valuing Knowledge

By Muhammad Syed-ul Haque and Irfan Anjum Manarvi.

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The knowledge life cycle comprises of knowledge capture, sharing and its reuse as its key factors. Product life cycle may be considered as a supplement of knowledge life cycle because new knowledge discovery is directly responsible for creating new products. In practice, value of a product is given primary importance whereas either the knowledge part is secured in terms of patents, copyrights or some coded form by the discoverer. Therefore, exact monetary value of discovered knowledge remains hidden throughout the product or even knowledge life cycle. Newly discovered knowledge undergoes its usual life cycle and is replaced by higher level of knowledge to develop innovative products, systems and processes. In the entire scenario, the monetary value of knowledge is seldom investigated. Present research proposes a new concept and phrase of Knowledge Value Life Cycle (KVLC) based on a number of parameters required to ascertain the value of knowledge at various stages.

Keywords: Knowledge Value Life Cycle (KVLC) Knowledge Life Cycle, Strategic Advantage

International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management, Volume 10, Issue 1, pp.205-220. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 992.137KB).

Muhammad Syed-ul Haque

PhD Researcher, Department of Engineering Management, Center of Advanced Studies in Engineering, Karachi, Pakistan

He was born in Karachi, Pakistan in 1968. He graduated with the degree in Bachelor of Commerce from University of Karachi, Pakistan in 1988. He then completed his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering studies from New Era College, Philippines. He did his Masters in Business Administration from University of Santo Tomas, Philippines in 1994 and Master in Science from the Department of Computer Science, University of Huddersfield, United Kingdom in 2002. He has been working in Pakistan Institute of Management since 1995 as a faculty member. He is currently pursuing his PhD Research in department of Engineering Management at center of Advanced Studies in Engineering, Islamabad, Pakistan in the area of Knowledge Management.

Dr. Irfan Anjum Manarvi

Head of Department, Mechanical Engineering, HITEC University, Taxila,, Pakistan

Dr. Irfan Manarvi was born in Lahore, Pakistan, in 1965. He graduated with BE Aerospace Engineering from Pakistan Air Force College of Aeronautical Engineering, Risalpur and worked for ten years in Aircraft Manufacturing Factory Pakistan Aeronautical Complex Kamra at various assignments. He did his MPhil in Manufacturing processes from Manufacturing Research Group and Phd from Design Research Group of the Department of Design Manufacture and Engineering Management, University of Strathclyde Glasgow. He is currently working as Head of Mechanical Engineering at HITEC University Taxila and is a visiting Professor at Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad, Center of Advanced Studies in Engineering, Islamabad and Iqra University Islamabad. He is supervising a number of Phd and MS students in their projects.


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