Harmonizing Culture in Multi-party Projects and Cooperative Business Ventures using a Business Game

By Honghong Dai and Jay Bal.

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This paper is a continuation of the research by Dai & Bal (2009). This paper addresses the design of two case studies to validate the hypothesis that culture could be established via individual behaviour modifications in a case study of multi-party projects and a real merged organization. Particularly, this paper focuses on collecting and analysing data for multi-party projects. The research has been validated by primary data collection through the use of the non-computerised game, ‘Ecotonos’.
This study has corroborated the view that individual behaviour can be changed and aligned by game play; a new merged culture can be established. Ineffective communication has been identified as a major source of conflict in multi-party projects. Thus, an ‘onion’ framework for overcoming obstacles to achieving culturally effective communication is introduced and validated. In addition, recommendations on how cultural conflict scenarios can be channelled into stimuli for enhancing productivity are presented.
In this paper, the hypothesis has been validated in multi-party projects through a case study. A further case study to validate the hypothesis in real business mergers is underway. Setting effective ground rules for the role play game was important to its results and further research is required, as it is also on cultivating trust through gaming.

Keywords: Organizational Culture, Behaviour Modification, Business Game

International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management, Volume 10, Issue 10, pp.11-32. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 3.180MB).

Honghong Dai

Research Staff, Warwick Digital Lab, University of Warwick, Coventry, West Midlands, UK

I joined the University of Warwick as a PhD student in 2007, and under the supervision of Dr. Jay Bal as a member of the Interlean EBusiness centre in the Warwick Manufacturing Group. My research focuses on organizational culture change in Mergers and Acquisitions. The aim of the research is to develop a simulation model to tackle culture conflicts when merger happens. My research interests also include social networking and e-business innovations.

Jay Bal

Associate Professor, Warwick Digital Lab, University of Warwick, Coventry, West Midlands, UK

Dr. Jay Bal is exploiting the internet to maximise business opportunities for thousands of companies in the West Midlands. Dr Bal, an associate professor, is director of WMG’s Interlean EBusiness centre, where an eight-strong team operates the flourishing West Midlands Collaborative Commerce Marketplace. The online e-commerce scheme is a meeting point for organisations who are putting contracts out to tender and businesses able to do the work. There are over 5000 registered business members (and a waiting list of another 500), over 50,000 tenders per year flow through the system, 9000+ users and over 1000 vistors per day to the site. The system provides a feed of OJEC, local council, EU FP7 and other tender opportunities as well as the first Olympic tenders opportunity and capability site in the UK. The system functionality is used by a range of organisations such as the IMRC, PARD, ICT cluster, Medilink, STFC, XGEN and Leicershire Build. Currently the on-line catalogue and shop capability for the portal is being redesigned. This will allow us to move businesses from zero to full e-business capability in days, drastically altering the current models for e-adoption. The National B2B centre is using this approach to help its clients.


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