Sailing: Organizational Change: Forms and Hibrydisms of Post-bureaucratic Organizations

By Pierfranco Malizia.

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The topics discussed in this contribution are founded on two basic assumptions; the first considers a complex organization as a social subsystem in which all the specific characteristics of the “macrosystem” may be found. The second (consequential to the first) favours the interpretation of “organization-as-culture” (This contribution deals with the effects that two macrosocial factors take on, with significant relevance, in the reality of formal organizations, thus making them particularly “multiple”: postmodernism and multiculturalism.
In other terms, the former affects mainly the organizational “structures” (making the possibility of a “univocal-structure” extremely relative and afunctional), and the latter mainly the “cultures” of the organizations, (making the idea of the organizational culture-as-a-monolith much less absolute than in the past). In both cases, it is clear, there tends to prevail an ongoing attempt to make the structural-cultural diversifications converge in a model which (at least one supposes) must remain unique, a kind of continuous stimulus towards the reconstitution, as Eisenstadt would say, of a unique model of organizational rationality, despite the differences, the contradictions, the possible antitheses or as a sociocultural system).

Keywords: Organisational Culture, Organisational Change, Organisational Multiculture

International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management, Volume 11, Issue 1, pp.93-104. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.068MB).

Prof. Pierfranco Malizia

Professor of Sociology, Faculty of Humanities, LUMSA University of Rome (IT), Rome, Italy

Pierfranco Malizia is an associate professor of General Sociology at the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy at the Lumsa University in Rome (Italy). Here he is both the director of the Research Centre on social responsability and communication and the president of the post-graduate course in Corporate Communication. Above all, his research is involved in social transformations, theory of sociology and cultural and communicative processes. He published “Not only soft” (Milan, 2004), “Society traces” (Milan, 2005), “Interculturalism” (Milan, 2005),”Communic-a-ctions” (Milan,2006”, “In the plural” (Milan, 2009) among his other books.


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