A Deep Diagnosis of Causes of Problems in Public Administration Based on the Theory of Constraints

By Sabina Klimentova and Thierry Hirtz.

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“We can only draw the simple after having a thoroughly studied the complex.” (Bachelard, 2003). Too often, the medicines are administered without a thorough diagnosis of the situation, so they do not necessarily have the desired effect. This study introduced a deep diagnosis of causes of problems in public administration. It is based on the theory of constraints made between 2006 and 2010 within 12 administrations.
After an overview of the literature concerning the problems in public administrations, this article introduces methodology to identify the root causes of problems and to make a difference in the symptoms. The diagnosis highlights the recurrent causes of problems like: a lack of human resources management, the absence of a clear definition of rules, or the difficulty in implementing new legislation. Some emergent causes stem from the recent evolution in an evolution of environment. Some problems could come from
cultural aspects too.

Keywords: Public Administration, Diagnosis, Theory of Constraints, Thinking Process, Continuous Improvement, Public Management

International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management, Volume 11, Issue 3, pp.99-118. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 2.809MB).

Sabina Klimentova

R&D Engineer, Service Science & Innovation, Innovation Management: Organisation & People, Public Research Center Henri Tudor, Luxembourg, Luxembourg

My name is Sabina Klimentova and I come from Bulgaria. I work in the Public Research Centre Henri Tudor in Luxembourg. I am involved in a project called LPO (Lean Public Organizations) which works on a continuous improvement of Luxembourg Public Administration. I did my Bachelor in Management at University of Luxembourg. With my Master’s of Quality Management I have known different quality techniques and methods as well as the change management in organizations. I am very interested in public management, more specificly the problems causing dysfunction in one administration. For years the LPO project organizes many workshops with different public organizations and work on solving problems and finding solutions. In 2010, 25 administrations and ministries were implemented in this process. Our studies are in logic of “living lab” with scientific publications of field experiments. In logic of opening the perspectives, we apply and test various tools of creativity seeking the best ideas.

Thierry Hirtz

R&D Engineer, Service Science and Innovation, Innovation Management: Organisation and People, Public Research Centre Henri Tudor, Luxembourg, Luxembourg

My name is Thierry Hirtz. I have worked at the Public Research Center Henri Tudor since 2007. My work specializes in: design; implementation of methods for improvement in public administrations in partnership with the Ministry for Civil Service and Administrative Reform: Continuous Improvement Program, quality tools; common assessment framework diagnosis; customer satisfaction management; processes reengineering; strategic planning; and performance measurement; public management research: studies on the topic of the continuous improvement; performance measurement; and customer satisfaction management. I am an expert of the EPSA (European Public Sector Award), for the European Institute for Public Administration, Maastricht, 2009; assessment of the best practises in public administration in the E.U.


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