Efficacy of Celebrity Endorsement Advertisements and its Impact upon Consumers’ Brand Preference and Purchase Decisions: An Indian Perspective

By Sujata Khandai and Bhawna Agrawal.

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Celebrity endorsement advertising is a prevailing advertising technique. Every year, the advertising industry spends billions of dollars on celebrity endorsements ads. Over the years, theory and practice have proved that the use of superstars and celebrities in advertising globally does generate a lot of attention and publicity from the public. Globally, firms invest significant amount of money in juxtaposing brands and organizations with endorser qualities such as attractiveness, likeability and trustworthiness. They trust that these qualities operate in a transferable way and will generate desirable purchase outcomes. Research does indicate that the use of celebrities in advertisements can have a positive influence on the credibility, message recall, memory and likeability of the advertisements. The study is an attempt to understand if the impact of celebrities on brand necessarily leads to brand preference followed by a tangible purchase intention. The study seeks to understand what is it about the celebrity endorser that has an impact upon the consumer leading to a change in his attitude and/or behavior. It is essentially a study to understand the behavioral dynamics of the Indian consumer with respect to celebrity endorsement advertisements. The study makes use of the following variables: trustworthiness, attractiveness and expertise leading to brand preference and purchase intention. The study attempts to understand to what extent the said variables, individually or in combination, influence the outcome. Data was collected from consumers belonging to pre-defined age segments and income brackets in India. Regression analysis used to check relationship between the dependent and multiple independent variables. The relationship between the dependant and each of the independent variable was determined taking the coefficient correlation into consideration. The aim is to determine the effect of trustworthiness, expertise, attractiveness and combined effect of all three of celebrity endorser on purchase intention.

Keywords: Celebrity, Celebrity Endorsement Ads, Purchase Intention, Brand Preference, Trustworthiness, Credibility, Expertise, Attractiveness

International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management, Volume 11, Issue 4, pp.257-272. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 844.883KB).

Dr Sujata Khandai

Professor (Marketing) & Principal, Marketing Department, Institute of Technology & Science, New Delhi, New Delhi, India

Academics-Instructs and guides students at the post-graduate level in the following areas-Branding and Consumer Behaviour. Research Interests-Developing case studies esp in the area of social marketing and conducts gender studies. Conducting research studies in the area of branding. Training and Consultancy-In the areas of branding, consumer behavior and services marketing. Books Authored-A text book on Consumer Behavior already published in the Indian market. Currently heading the undergraduate business school.

Dr. Bhawna Agrawal

Assistant Professor, General Management, IILM Institute of Higher Education, New Delhi, New Delhi, India

Academics: Guides students at undergraduate and post graduate level Quantitative Techniques, Operations Research, Decision Sciences and Operations Management. Research areas: Presented and published papers at national and international level in the area of statistics, quality and operations. Technical skills: Hands on training in statistical softwares like SPSS, SAS.


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