The Organizational Climate, Job Involvement and Organizational Trust with Knowledge Management Culture: Educational Systems of Esfahan City (Iran)

By Farhad Shafiepour Motlagh and Mohammad H. Yarmohammadian.

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The main purpose of this research is to examine the model of the relationship between organizational climate, job involvement, and organizational trust with knowledge management culture. The method of study is correlational. The statistical population consists of all of high school teachers of Esfahan City, central region in Iran. The data gathering instruments were four questionnaires (Jaw & Luws’ Organizational Climate, 2003; Ruders’ Organizational Trust, 2003 and Kanungos’ Job Involvement, 2001; & Questionnaire of Knowledge Management Culture by construct red research). The reliability of the questionnaires is estimated for knowledge management culture (α=0/95), organizational climate (α= 0/86), organizational trust (α=0/94), job involvement (α=0/91). The results indicated that knowledge management culture can be predicted by the organizational climate (Variances=0/593) and this increased with job involvement (Variances=0/336). Based on β coefficient, with increase of one unit of participative climate, the knowledge management culture is increased to 0/626 and with increase of one unit of job involvement, knowledge management culture is increased to 0/388. Also the results show that knowledge management culture is predicted by organizational trust (Variance=0/5), and with trust in administrator 5% to 13% and with trust in colleague 13% to 18% increase. The relationship among trust in administrator, colleague and organization is significant (P<0/05). The CFA shows that the measurement model fit the data very well with a goodness of fit index (AGFI) of 0/8 and adjusted goodness of fit index (GFI) of 0/91 and a chi-square (203.21) (p<0/001). It concluded that the adjusted model of knowledge management culture is applicable for Iran educational system.

Keywords: Adjusted Model, Knowledge Management Culture, Organizational Climate, Job Involvement, Organizational Trust, Correlational Study, Educational Systems

International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management, Volume 11, Issue 5, pp.63-76. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 817.721KB).

Dr. Farhad Shafiepour Motlagh

Academic Member, Department of Education, Islamic Azad University, Mahallat Branch, Mahallat, Markazi, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Dr. Mohammad H. Yarmohammadian

Associate Professor & Head, Health Management & Economic Research Center, HMERC, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences (IRAN), Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran (Islamic Republic of)


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