Between Bureaucracy and Charisma: Leadership in the Fashion Industry

By Veronica Manlow.

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A charismatic leader capable of instilling an identification with the brand, and able to foster creativity on an ongoing basis, is particularly important in the competitive seasonally based fashion industry.

Keywords: Charismatic Leadership, Organizational Culture, Fashion Industry, Fashion Design

International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management, Volume 5, Issue 2, pp.147-158. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 966.616KB).

Prof. Veronica Manlow

Veronica Manlow has completed her Ph.D. in Sociology in September 2004. She holds a master's degree in psychology. The dissertation is entitled: "The Social Organization of Fashion Design: A Case Study of the Tommy Hilfiger Corporation." In the dissertation Ms. Manlow considers the interplay between fashion as an industry and fashion as a creative endeavor. The history and structure of the company, the organizational culture, the creative process, constructing a brand identity, leadership, and related issues, are investigated. Ms. Manlow is Assistant Professor of Sociology at St. Joseph's College in New York. Ms. Manlow is currently working on the topic of charismatic leadership in the fashion industry, on the dynamics of team work in fashion design, and on the significance of designer logos in self-presentation.


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