Competitiveness Redefined in Networked Organizations: The Driving Forces behind the Reengineering Endeavours of Indian Organizations

By Arpita Khare.

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The era of globalization and usage of information technology has not only changed the business philosophy of organizations but has led to redefining competitiveness of organizations. Advances in the information technology have increased the speed at which we acquire, process, and disseminate information. There are greater pressures on organizations, than before to bring greater satisfaction to the customers. This paper makes an attempt to study the organizations in India and the role of information technology in transforming the way they are doing business. There has been a change in the corporate strategy of traditional Indian organizations as they strive to become more competitive. As economies move towards virtual organizational structures; where information and knowledge are the key ingredients to efficiency; it has become imperative to define new standards of performance and competitiveness. In this purview the paper discusses the following issues:The driving forces behind the re-engineering endeavors of the Indian organizations. Moving towards knowledge driven networked organizations. The world of customer relationships. Defining a competitive organization.

Keywords: Knowledge, Re-engineering, Networked Organizations, Customer Relationships

The International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management, Volume 7, Issue 2, pp.1-8. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 546.055KB).

Dr. Arpita Khare

Lecturer, MBA-IT, Allahabad, India

I have tried to pursue the following objectives throughout my career as a researcher: 1.To present the findings of my research as solutions to various problems; 2.To use the same for teaching purposes as the young students are the agents of change in tomorrows world; and 3.To provide a reference for people actively engaged in solving problems in the industry. Education helps people to make changes in life. I see myself as an agent of change, a person who opens doors for others so that they can better their lives by making more informed choices.


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