Software Representation of Negotiations in M&A of Greek Banks: The Variables "Negotiation Structure" and "Communication"

By Damianos Sakas, Yiannis Triantafyllopoulos and Nikolaos Konstantopoulos.

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Corporate managers use the M&A strategy to quickly increase the organizational scale. Furthermore, to expand their company's field of action, or improve its efficiency. In the present essay an effort is made to transfer the findings of the research to the Greek Banking Negotiations and to create their representation by means of the appropriate software. The authors' aim is to contribute in the development of a variety of tools which will facilitate these negotiations in the future. The research that took place has shown that in the banking branch, just as it happens in the majority of the mergers, the success or failure of the merger is widely dependent on the members of the Board of Directors and their skill in negotiating. Corporal managers who serve in the Board of Directors of Banking Organizations are required to have special knowledge of merger process, as well as negotiation process. Considering the fact that the merger process is costly and time-consuming, it is understandable why the contribution of the present research and its illustration by means of software is meaningful. In the present essay, an effort is made to focus on the optimum dimensions that may be assumed by the variables taking place in the Greek Banking Negotiations for mergers. Due to the fact that the number of variables that take part in the process is big by default, it is necessary to "isolate" each variable by scientific documentation in order to research its real contribution to the specific process.

Keywords: Negotiation, Mergers, Communication, Software

The International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management, Volume 7, Issue 2, pp.9-16. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 547.902KB).

Dr. Damianos Sakas

Instructive Personnel, Pireas, Greece

Dr Damianos Sakas is member of instructive personnel of University Peloponnese . In the past, he has served in the Press and Communication office of Greek Prime Minister and has academic background and previous experience in Anonymous Companies, in relation with the Administration of Enterprises. He realises his Doctorate in the Enterprising Negotiation. His inquiring fields are in Negotiation, Business Communication and Knowledge Management.

Yiannis Triantafyllopoulos

PhD Candidate, Aegean University, Athens, Greece

Mr Yiannis Triantafyllopoulos is Phd Candidate in Aegean University. Is Executive member in BP company. His inquiring fields are in Mergers and Acquisition, Performance Management and Strategy.

Dr. Nikolaos Konstantopoulos

Assistant Professor, Aegean University, Athens, Greece

Dr Nikolaos Konstantopoulos is Assistant Professor to University of the Aegean. In the past he has been Director of Communication and Human Resources in anonymous companies. His inquiring interests are Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship, Business Organization, Negotiation.


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