A Mathematical Model of Knowledge Transfer and Case Studies

By Takanori Ugai, Kouji Aoyama and Jun Arima.

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In general, it is very difficult to choose the best knowledge management (KM) in an organization. But we can find only a few researches of formal frameworks to analyse KM and they are not sufficient to get an appropriate guideline for KM design. In this paper, we propose a formal model which will suggest whether a KM will work and what we should do for making the KM work well. The model is based on the idea that a knowledge transfers from a sender to a receiver only if the profit of the sender and receiver is higher than the summation of the cost of them and the barrier between them. The cost increases inversely according to the similarity of the context between them. The concept of organizational profit comes up from the model. The organizational profit will be a loss when the KM will try to transfer a knowledge beyond the too long contextual distance. This means that we should set up a knowledge management tool to distribute knowledge in an appropriate area. We also demonstrate the power of our model with case studies of existing KM systems and a KM system in out organization. For example AAR is a knowledge sharing way in military force. We can see some reasons why this way works well in a formal manner, which are firstly members sharing their context and the cost for knowledge transfer is very low, and secondly they share the same destiny and the barrier is also very low between them.

Keywords: Knowledge Transfer, Mathematical Model, Guideline for Knowledge Management, Analysis of Knowledge Management

The International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management, Volume 7, Issue 5, pp.9-18. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 584.350KB).

Takanori Ugai

Fujitsu Laboratories Limited, Japan

Kouji Aoyama

Fujitsu Laboratories Limited, Japan

Dr. Jun Arima

Fujitsu Laboratories Limited, Japan


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