Teams and the Dynamics of Collaboration: An Antidote for Educational Organisation Efficiency

By Abiodun Olatoun Akinsolu.

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Like other organization managing educational organization is based on participation of participants’ assumptions and expectations be they implicit or explicit, about organizational events and behaviours, it is on this that all management decisions and actions are based. For effective roll out of schools programmes and activities, there is need for interactive relationship which helps in exploring the organizational content, exploring alternative views and providing the bases for changes in practice. Practitioners and academics interested in the management of educational institutions, and indeed the public sector more widely, increasingly recognize the necessity for shared power to resolve particular difficult problems within the system. . Effective management of teams within any given organization determined the success of the organization. It reinforce the teams, get them more dedicated and commitment thus making them to function as a cohesive, coordinated, integrated unit in handling organizational issues. Based on this premise this paper examines practical guides to leading teams with expertise, covering subjects such as defining the skills required by both teams members and their leader and maximizing the performance of the team through effective collaboration. The paper further analyzed team’s development, its stages which call for dynamics of collaborative practices within the education system. A framework for effective use of collaboration for educational efficiency within the education sector was also discussed. The paper concludes that individual acting alone within the system never get clue to issues atimes therefore teamwork and effective collaborative needs to be cherished and adored by any educational organization because it is the foundation of all successful management.

Keywords: Teams, Education

The International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management, Volume 7, Issue 5, pp.65-72. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 783.506KB).

Dr. Abiodun Olatoun Akinsolu

Research and Training Fellow, Research and Training Department, National Institute for Educational Planning & Administration, ONDO, ONDO, Nigeria

Dr. Akinsolu, Abiodun Olatoun is a training and research fellow at the National Institute for Educational Planning and Administration, Nigeria. she is a trainer, researcher and consultant with various government and International organisations such as UNICEF, British Council, DFID and World Bank. Her areas of specialisation are Educational Planning and Policy as well as HIV/AIDs and Gender issues. She has written extensively in this areas in both local and international journals. she is also a course designer and facilitator of experiential learning at the institute.


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