Leadership Learning Systems

By Shannon Flumerfelt, Robert Maxfield and Lindson Feun.

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This paper seeks to add to the body of knowledge regarding ontological issues of leadership development. A quantitative study of 185 practicing and emerging school administrators' learning behaviors in regard to leadership development were compared. A survey instrument was developed, based on previous ontological research, listing 30 items. The items, various behavior descriptors of leadership learning, were tested for desirability and frequency of use between the two groups. The 30 behavior items represent three areas of leadership development, each with three spheres of learning, totaling nine separate areas of leadership learning behavior. The three areas of knowledge, values and application development, along with the three spheres of self-based, confidants'-based and others'-based, showed no significant differences in desirability and frequency of use between the two groups of emerging and practicing leaders. The findings of the study are important in highlighting the processes of leadership learning and exploring the themes of learning processes used by both groups. This research highlights the need for examination of program design in aligning with the ontology of leadership learning and encourages leadership programming to include more than knowledge development components.

Keywords: Leadership Learning, Ontology of Leadership Learning, Leadership Knowledge, Leadership Development

The International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management, Volume 7, Issue 8, pp.19-34. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 595.900KB).

Dr. Shannon Flumerfelt

Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership, Oakland University, Rochester, MI, USA

Dr. Flumerfelt is is an Assistant Professor in Educational Leadership at Oakland University. Formerly, she served as an administrator and teacher in the secondary public schools in America and was active in educational restructuring. She started a new high school founded on the reform principles of the Coalition of Essential Schools. Currently, she teaches graduate leadership courses to school administrators and pre-service administrators and coordinates an online graduate leadership program. Her scholarly interests include process thinking for organizations and leadership development. She is the editor of the E-Journal of Organizational Learning and Leadership and writes monthly editorials on related topics for the we Lead in Learning online magazine.

Dr. Robert Maxfield

Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership, Oakland University, Rochester, MI, USA

Dr. Lindson Feun

Adjunct Faculty, Educational Leadership, Oakland University, Rochester, MI, USA


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