Cultural Influence on Leadership Perception: A Case of Perceived and Preferred Leadership Styles in South Korean Organizations in India

By Yonghwa Lee and Anand Prakash.

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Different cultural contexts have different effects on organizational members in terms of their perceived and preferred leadership styles. Such differences also influence on choices of leadership practices of superiors as well as subordinateship of followers. The purpose of the study is to explore cultural influence on leadership perceptions in South Korean organizations in India. The approach of the study is both quantitative and qualitative. The former examines cultures and leadership styles of 158 Indian and 30 South Korean managers. The latter investigates leadership perceptions of 160 Indian and 33 South Korean managers who are practicing and experiencing Indian and South Korean management styles in their organizational day-to-day life. The findings indicate, although the dominant leadership styles of Indian and South Korean managers are not significantly different, that their specific leadership behaviors are perceived differently. The findings also suggest that Indian subordinates prefer people oriented leaders, whereas they actually accept task oriented leaders; that although the dominant leadership style of South Korean managers is high on both task and relationship oriented, their behaviors are perceived as task oriented. The results of this study have implications for evolving effective management within multinational organizations based on the cultural influence on leadership perception of subordinates.

Keywords: Leadership, Cross-Cultural Management, Leadership Perception, Qualitative Leadership Research

The International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management, Volume 7, Issue 11, pp.95-104. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 628.639KB).

Yonghwa Lee

Ph.D candidate, Department of Psychology, University of Delhi, Delhi, India

Ph.D candidate, Department of Psychology, University of Delhi, India.

Prof. Anand Prakash

Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Delhi, Delhi, India

Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Delhi, India.


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