Employees’ Work Associated with the Psychological Contract within Private Training Institutions: Psychological Contract

By Me Elsabé Keyser and Brigitte Van Rooyen.

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The study focuses on employees' work outcome i.e. organizational commitment, job satisfaction, employee health and well-being, associated with the psychological contract within private training institutions. A cross-sectional survey design was conducted amongst 250 employees within private training institutions in South Africa. A response rate of 218 completed questionnaires was obtained. The general objective of this research is to determine employees’ work outcomes associated with the psychological contract. The specific objectives are: To conceptualise job satisfaction, organizational commitment and the psychological contract. To determine the state of the psychological contract in private training institutions in South Africa. To determine the levels of job satisfaction, health and well-being and organizational commitment of employees within private training institutions. The population of 250 employees working at various private training institutions was targeted for this research. The study population included workers from all occupational levels ranging from skilled blue-collar workers to managers or directors. A cross-sectional survey design was utilized as an instrument used in this study. The questionnaire focuses on the employee’s current job and employment contract, employee attitudes towards the job and organisation, health and well-being and lastly, biographical information. The statistical analysis is carried out with the SPSS programme (SPSS, 2003), making use of descriptive statistics, Cronbach’s alpha and inter-item correlations coefficients, Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient and multiple regression analyses. An overall conclusion can be made that most employees within private training institutions show high levels of organizational commitment.

Keywords: Psychological Contract, Perceptions, Expectations, Employees' Work Outcomes, Employee Attitude, Human Resources Activities, Health, Well-Being, Job Satisfaction, Commitment, Performance

The International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management, Volume 7, Issue 12, pp.55-64. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 540.283KB).

Me Elsabé Keyser

Lecturer, School of Behavioural Sciences, Industrial Sociology, North-West University, Vanderbiljpark, Gauteng, South Africa

Lecturer in Industrial Sociology and labour relations at North-West University at the Vaal Triangle Campus. Teaching experience at university 17 years. Study leader for Master student in Industrial Sociology. Presented papers at national and international conferences from 2001.

Brigitte Van Rooyen

North-West University, Gauteng, South Africa

Network Healthcare Holdings Limited (Netcare).


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