A Review of a Regional University in a Strategic Perspective: Neither here nor there

By Abdallah M. Hasna.

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The ongoing transformation of the Australian higher education sector, principally regional universities, risk becoming irrelevant due to strategic stagnation. This stagnation is effectuated by catering their product portfolio only for the current booming economic conditions; even as it is recognised growth is excessively tempting and profitable in the short to median terms. from a planning standpoint this amounts to tactical transitory gains incapable of sustaining long term vision or strategy. This conduct queries the identity of the institutions, with uncertainties like; are we research based; teaching only; locally focused; international ranked; etc. This paper examines the strategic position by analysing external forces (boundary conditions) affecting a regional university which embody culture, economy, funding, student preferences, demographics etc. The results of this analysis make known linkages for focusing the regional university strategy in an Australian context and recommends that profitability should not be the lone value measure of higher education providers in regional settings.

Keywords: Regional Universities, Strategy, Funding, Accounting

International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management, Volume 8, Issue 2, pp.249-262. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 995.622KB).

Abdallah M. Hasna

Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Health, Central Queensland University, Gladstone, Queensland, Australia

A. M. Hasna holds PhD in manufacturing from Swinburne University of Technology,Graduate Certificate in Higher Education (Deakin), Graduate Certificate in Management, (SUT) BE Chemical (RMIT). He has 10 years’ experience as process engineer, held senior positions in the chemical and process industry, worked on water flocculation systems in the mining industry, plantation timber moulding, fuel cell power generation for air independent propulsion with DSTO, sacrificial corrosion protection for the green river project, paperboard manufacturing, and developed a microwave corrugator with Visy Industries. Currently a Senior lecturer affiliated with the Department of Sustainability, Central Queensland University.


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