Verification of the Effect of Employees’ Utilization of Blogs and SNSs in Enterprise Intranets

By Michiko Yoshida and Kazunori Minetaki.

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This paper provides the empirical study about whether or not, the new style knowledge management by using Blog and SNS (Social Networking Service, hereinafter SNS) within the intranets has the positive effect for the enterprises activity to create new products or services.
We consider that the key concept is Social Capital to make the knowledge management more effective. When the social capital is formed based on confidential relationships in an enterprise, the utilization of Blog and SNS promotes information exchange and information sharing between employees, especially information concerning examples of success and/or failure. This paper proves that utilization of Blog and SNS have a positive effect on development of new products and services. Employees obtain networks of contacts and knowledge through the Blog and SNS, and utilize them for their business on an ongoing basis. They also teach and lead other employees by using such networks and knowledge. This is statistically proven effective.
In addition, the effect of utilizing Blog and SNS on business would be influenced by the kind of decision-making processes and organizational structure.
From our empirical study, we find that information exchange and sharing through the utilization of Blog and SNS brings about a positive effect on production innovation more so in decentralized companies rather than centralized ones in Japan as well.

Keywords: Blog, Social Networking Service (SNS), Knowledge Management, Social Capital, Centralized Decision-making Process Decentralized Decision-making Process

International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management, Volume 8, Issue 3, pp.31-46. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 673.839KB).

Michiko Yoshida

Senior Associate, Economic Research Center, FUJITSU Research Institute, Tokyo, Japan

Joined the Fujitsu Research Institute Economic Research Center in April 2001. Researcher at the Japan Center for Economic Research (2003), Trainee at the European Commission (Belgium), Taxation and Customs Union Directorate General, VAT Unit(2004), currently Senior Associate at the FRI Economic Research Center.

Kazunori Minetaki

Research Fellow, Economic Research Center, Kansai University, Osaka, Japan

After the private research center, joined FUJITSU Research Institute, Economic Research Center in 2000. As for main achievement, “IT economy” (joint authorship) was awarded Ohkawa publication prize in 2001 and, “The Japanese economy and Information Technology Reformation” (joint authorship) was awarded Telecom sociological prize. Speciality is IT and productivity analysis.


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