Corporate Identity, Role and Strategies: Executives in the Algerian Steel Industry

By Layachi Anser.

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The rapid economic and social development undergone by Algerian society has had some profound effects on social structure, social practices and representations both at individual and collective levels. The process of industrialisation and rapid urban growth contributed to the rise of new social groups and elites. Executives working in major industrial companies emerged as new elite that have the prospects of being a key player in shaping the future of society. This paper, based on field work carried in the largest steel plant in the country, attempts to shed some light on this emerging social elite. The aim is to elicit various forms of representations held by this group constituting social and professional identity, representations of their role and those of the work place, as well as unveiling their strategies as major social actors. The research shows that managers tended to stress technical, organizational and economic factors shaping their identity. Divergent and ambivalent views were expressed regarding their role and strategy. This reflected contradictory tendencies, divisions and conflicting interests both within the group and between mangers and other groups in society.

Keywords: Industry, Managers, Identity, Representations, Elite, Role, Strategies

International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management, Volume 8, Issue 4, pp.35-46. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 728.866KB).

Prof. Layachi Anser

Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of Social Sciences, Qatar University, Doha, Qatar

Graduated from Leicester University (UK) 1992, Taught and carried research in sociology for the last twenty years in Algeria, UAE and Qatar. Chair of the “Sociology of Work and Enterprise Lab” in the National Centre for Research in Social & Cultural Anthropology (CRASC), Algeria. Areas of interest include work and organisations, social movements and elites, civil society and gender issues, governance and forms of participation. Published widely in Arabic, French, and English. the latest were: “Matrimonial Strategies; Social Reproduction and Integration: Case Study of Executives from Algeria” in Current Sociology, Sept 2007 and “ Critique of Naturalist Conception of Sociology: Constructivism as Alternative” in The International Journal for Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Vol. 2, 2007.


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