An Empirical Study of Time Management in Organizations with Different Organizational Cultures: An Examination of Bursa in Turkey

By Aysun Kanbur.

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In the today’s management approach, time is the most precious resource of an organization. Once lost, there is no chance of getting it back. But, usually it is not noticed. Also, in the theoretical base there have been critical deficiencies in explaining the relationship between time management and organizational culture. In order to fill this gap that this study examines the effects of different organizational culture on time management.

In this study, through using the dimensions of external-internal orientation and formal-informal organizational processes, organizational culture is classified into four types as clan, adhocracy, hierarchy and market; and the effect of these cultures on time management is examined. First of all the theoretical basis of the research model variables is prepared. Then, data of the survey was collected by a three step questionnaire developed by the researcher. First demographic information about the respondents was collected. Second the culture within the organization was assessed, and then third time management within the organization was measured. In conclusion, the relationships between the variables were calculated. A correlation and regression analysis was utilised in order to see the relationships. According to the findings; hierarchy and market cultures have significant and positive effects on time traps but clan and adhocracy cultures have significant and negative effects on time traps. Also, hierarchy culture has the most significant and positive effects on time traps. In addition, some advices were given to the organizations about effective time management.

Keywords: Different Organizational Cultures, Time Management, Time Traps, Effective Time Management

International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management, Volume 8, Issue 4, pp.73-82. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.629MB).

Dr. Aysun Kanbur

Lecturer, Business, Management&Organization Department, Hitit University, Corum, Turkey

She was graduated in Uludag University in Business Administration Department. She has a master degree in Balikesir Universty in Business Administration Department. Her professional areas are; Management & Organization, Total Quality Management, Organizational Behaviour, Human Resources and Globalization. She has some essays, proceedings and seminars on these areas at national and international level. She is married and she has known three languages; Turkish, English and German.


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