A ‘Rich Picture Approach’ to Researching Cognitive Activity during Hypermedia Learning

By Fred Beven.

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The aim of this research was to develop and evaluate the effectiveness of a ‘rich picture’ approach to eliciting the metacognitive processes of learners engaging with hypermedia when undertaking a vocational course. The ‘rich picture’ approach to knowledge elicitation employed a combination of ‘activity’ and ‘verbal data’ analysis (Stahl 2004), and is a hybrid of both think-aloud and stimulated recall methods. That is, the method captured real time data about what the learner was doing and what materials were being engaged with, and stimulated recall on why they were doing it. Sessions were transcribed and the cognitive processes were coded and analysed using a taxonomy derived from Brown et al (1983), Pintrich (1989), and Meijer et al (2006).
The ‘rich picture’ methodology was found to be effective in capturing multiple instances of cognitive and metacognitive activity. The data were rich in processes related to learner interaction with the hypermedia, however, it was not always possible to clearly determine whether some processes were merely cognitive or if they involved metacognitive control or monitoring. Hence, it is concluded that any further refinement to this rich picture approach needs to focus on improving the guidance of subjects to a more comprehensive interpretation of their interactions with the hypermedia.
It is argued that this ‘rich picture’ methodology and its continued refinement have important benefits in illuminating the cognitive and metacognitive processes that are critically important to hypermedia design and to extending the theoretical understanding of learning with this medium.

Keywords: Metacognition, Learning, Cognitive Processes

International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management, Volume 8, Issue 5, pp.121-128. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 871.281KB).

Dr Fred Beven

Lecturer, Faculty of Education, Griffith Univeristy, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Fred Beven has had twenty-five years experience as a vocational educator and educational administrator within the Queensland TAFE system and fourteen years experience as a teacher and researcher in Vocational Education at Griffith University. His research interests include the cognitive aspects of the acquisition of vocational knowledge. The development of technical expertise in hypermedia learning settings has been the focus of his recent research, particularly how different kinds of settings press for different kinds of cognitive activity. Current studies are examining the role of hypermedia structures in developing different kinds of knowledge. Fred was a former editor of the Australian Vocational Education Review.


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