Knowledge Management in Organisations “A Constructive Case Study”

By Behzad Nowbati.

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The shortage of time for decision making is placing greater demands for having information easily available. Simplified methods of information and knowledge management are needed in order that useful information and knowledge is not too cumbersome to explore. The major barrier to gathering useful information is not finding what is available but finding what is available to satisfy our needs. The problem is not how the information is presented but how we perceive it to be presented. Consequently if it is not presented as expected, it may be bypassed and/or ignored and occasionally when we do find it, used but not stored and made available for future use. The last decade has presented many challenges to businesses trying to maintain their competitive edge within their respective markets. Poor knowledge management has contributed to many companies’ lack of progress and in some cases resulted in their demise. The construction industry is no exception and by its very nature it has been slow in adopting new technologies. This paper aims to examine the methods that are currently used for information and knowledge retrieval, explore the end users views by analysing a case study and propose an alternative method to address the short comings. This paper concludes by offering visualisation as a viable tool for transferring information and knowledge within the construction industry and the wider market facing the same dilemmas.

Keywords: Knowledge Management, Case Study, Knowledge Visualisation, Corporate Knowledge

International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management, Volume 8, Issue 6, pp.33-40. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 688.731KB).

Behzad Nowbati

Research Engineer /Design Manager, CICE, Civil Engineering Department, Wates Construction and Loughborough University, Emsworth, Hampshire, UK

Behzad Nowbati is a Design Manager for Wates construction . He is also 4th year Research Engineer and completing his Engineering Doctorate studies in Knowledge Management at Loughborough University in the UK. Behzad is developing a Knowledge Management System that uses the principals of mind mapping and Object Orientated Design to provide simple and logical query base for retrieval and presentation of information and knowledge. He obtained his undergraduate qualification in Civil Engineering from Wales University and his Post graduate Diploma in Information Technology from Portsmouth University and His MSc in Innovation, Construction and Management from Loughborough University.


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