Organisational Learning Model Revisited: Taking the Multiple Ontological Approach

By Shi-Min How.

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Strategic management researchers have started to regard organisational learning as one of the strategic resources capable of generating and sustaining competitive advantages if managed efficiently. However, in order to improve organisational learning and knowledge management capabilities, it is essential that organisations have in depth understanding on the complete organisational learning cycle, how this cycle interacts with other strategic internal resources, as well as the dynamics between this learning cycle and the external environmental uncertainties faced by these organisations. In order to assist further understanding, this paper develops a conceptual framework based on multiple ontological assumptions to examine the four learning processes: knowledge acquisition, information interpretation, information distribution, and organisational memory. Human capital and organisational capital from the resource-based view of the firm have been incorporated into the theoretical framework, as internal contextual resources that potentially influence the organisational learning processes observed in the organisations. In light of theoretical and empirical advancement, this paper revisits the individualism-collectivism cultural dimension and incorporates this dimension as external contextual factor that moderates the interactions between the learning processes and the internal resources. Research propositions for future empirical testing have been developed to capture the interactions between the micro- and macro-level factors and the learning processes. Implications are offered and future research directions are identified.

Keywords: Organizational Learning, Resource-Based View, Individualism, Human Capital, Organizational Capital

International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management, Volume 8, Issue 7, pp.39-54. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 857.739KB).

Dr. Shi-Min How

Lecturer in Accounting, Department of Accountancy and Finance, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, UK

I am a lecturer in Accounting. I am currently teaching in University of Aberdeen, Business School, Department of Accountancy and Finance. My research interests include organisational learning theories, strategic management, intellectual capital, financial accounting and reporting issues particularly related to intellectual capital.


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